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Your Golden Opportunity Is Coming Shortly

Last Summer, I attended a conference in Philedelphia and got to spend some time with one of my favorite people, K. On Sunday, ate some delicious food at this Malaysian restaurant in China Town.

Afterwards we both opened our fortune cookies (which neither of us could eat because we are both sensitive to gluten.) But we read the fortunes anyway. Mine was quite optimistic and a very apt fortune to receive at the end of a very positive and successfully network heavy conference.

Your Golden Opportunity Is Coming Shortly.

From being selected to attend multiple conferences and workshops to being selected for an awesome mentorship opportunity with Women Photograph, I feel like I’ve been lucky enough to receive multiple golden opportunities over the course of the last few months!

At the beginning of Finals week, I even had an interview for an internship program this summer, so fingers crossed that it becomes another thing on the list of golden opportunities this year!

Wish me luck!


10 Day Breaks

I’ve discovered a tactic to be more balanced this year: Take week long breaks, at least once every month.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend several conferences this semester which have allowed me to travel outside of Athens quite frequently. It’s definitely nice to take mini vacations from school outside of just the major holidays.

Here are some of the awesome opportunities I’ve been able to enjoy so far:

AAJA National Convention, Philadelphia

NLGJA National Convention, Philadelphia
Women Photograph Workshop at Photoville, NYC

10 Day Magazine shoot, California

Atlanta Photojournalism Conference, Atlanta
Thanksgiving Break, Chicago

It’s definitely been a lot of travel. But it’s always nice to get a chance to stuff myself with Malaysian food and gluten free sandwiches, catch up with old friends, and get lots of awesome networking time and inspiration from cool photo speakers.

I’m hoping to keep this trend up for next semester and already have out of town conferences lined up for February and April. With spring break in March, I’ve got all my months covered!

A Year in Selfies (Part 2)



Semester 2 began with a fun non-literal photo project. #stilldepressedtho


Some days were harder than others. #documentingdepression


What the button says. #newpronouns #theythem #pronounsmatter


Started working on a new documentary art project. #gonnabemymastersproject


Carrying around all the photo equipment #forthenewproject #foundmyniche


Went to Chicago for an LGBTQ College Conference. #queer #outandproud




That time Pete Souza came to town and I got to frame all his photos. #photorolemodel


First time on a tractor! #thatmudtho




Did I mention about my new pronouns? #theythem


Fresh haircut #arttherapy #shadowselfie


Having fun at a photo shoot. #newdocumentaryartproject #masterprojectinprogress


A photo of me taking a photo of a photo of someone’s door, hanging on their door. #meta #inception


That time I flew home for a weekend wedding, when I thought I might be failing out of school #ididn’tfailtho


Best wedding ever! #highschoolreunion


Walk with Dad and the Dog #newfoundappriciationformydogafterhunting


Another shadow selfie #arttherapy


That time I came out of a meeting determining my future at school. #stressful


One of my favorite photos from the semester when I started to experiment with mashups.


Birthday Mashup


That time I bonded with my room mate by running down the street barefoot to catch the sunset. #cooplife #friendshiphump


That time school was almost over but I wasn’t quite done yet. #doesiteverend


A view of the awesome zen tangle mural on my living room ceiling. #arttherapy #cooplife


That time someone smashed my car but my housemates were there for moral support. #selfiesmakeeverythingbetter


Final Mashup of the semester. One step closer to living my dreams. #arttherapy










A Year in Selfies (Part 1)


Started Grad School in Ohio


Golden Hour selfie with the cohort buddies


Road trip to Geek Fest in D.C. #gradschoolisaboutthecarrides


Lived in a co-op


Went to A’s wedding in D.C.! #kindergartenfriends #madeitjustintime


Favorite Fancy Shoes




Bought a bike before I bought a car. #ofcourseidid


Rest Stop on the way home from Thanksgiving Break with S. and K. on the East Coast. #friends


Started anti-depressants. #documentingdepression


Spent a lot of time being depressed because #gradschool so decided to start taking pictures of the experience. #documentingdepression


Finally Bought a car. Walk home after taking it to the shop for repairs. #arttherapy


End of Semester 1 with a day at the art museum #designtherapy


Winterbreak in S.F. with the Dad. #Ileftmyheartinuniqlo

New Year, New Semester

It’s the start of a new semester in Ohio. I’m taking a more manageable load this semester, so that I can really focus on my most intense photo class and still have time to breathe. Here are some other changes I’ve implemented to help myself have a fresh start:

-I moved rooms in my co-op.

-I rented a locker in the gym.

-I don’t have any classes that start before 10:30am.

-We are painting a giant zen tangle art therapy mural on the living room ceiling.

-Oh, and I finally took a self portrait today. I haven’t taken one in a while.


Alternate Path. Self Portrait. #withoutdisguise

Everything is Fixable

This week, I finally began taking antidepressants. I’d been thinking of starting them for the last 6 months, but it took a while to get an appointment with the psychiatrist.

I also kept going back and forth on committing to starting. I would have a few weeks where I felt fine-ish and think, maybe I’m getting better? But then I’d dip again or have a panic attack and think, nope I was wrong.

I waffled back and forth like this for  several weeks after returning to the states, before I finally committed to making that first psychiatrist appointment. And then when I finally made a decision, it took another month before my doctor had an opening.

They say that it usually takes several weeks for antidepressants to kick in and up to a few months to figure out the right dose and find the medication that works for you. Some people claim they start working from day one. I’m convinced I’m one of those people.

The first few days after starting I felt somewhat lighter. I caught myself smiling more throughout the day and during conversations. I found myself saying hello to my roommates and classmates just a tad perkier than usual.

But I know depression doesn’t go away completely with one pill. And I still have days where I sleep most of the day, or am unmotivated to do work, or have bouts of crying for seemingly mundane reasons.

On the first day I got my prescription, I had an anxiety attack in class, noticeable enough that my professor checked on me after class to ask if I was ok. The first thing she said to me was, “Everything is fixable.”

I had a chat with her in her office and revealed that I’d been struggling with depression. And she was very supportive. She said not to worry about classes and deadlines. I can always finish assignments later, even if it has to be after the semester is over.

It’s good to know that I won’t fail. That’s one less thing to worry about.

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It’s been a while since I posted on here. Since I last wrote, I moved out of my apartment in Korea, mailed 9 boxes to the states by boat, moved back to America, and then moved across the country to start grad school.  Now, I’m already 5 weeks into my first semester!

Grad school is exciting. I’m meeting awesome people, I have classes with awesome faculty, and I’m being challenged regularly.

But I still don’t feel settled. I keep having to remind myself that I didn’t just move states, I moved countries. On top of that, I’ve implemented several life style changes recently.

I’m still getting used to everything and it’s simply going to take me awhile until I feel like I’ve fully transitioned my life to being here.

I’m still in the process of purchasing possessions like a car, auto insurance, new camera equipment, furniture, bedding, and SPICES. I don’t think I’ll feel fully at home until my pantry is complete. Looking forward to that day. One bottle of tumeric at a time. #intransition