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Summer Road Trip #CaliforniaBound


Staying at Thayer’s Parent’s House in Iowa. #friendsparentsarethebest


We are too cool for school #roadtrip #somewhereintheUSA


Most well dressed hikers I ever saw #ontopofarock #somewhereintheUSA


Detour for documentation #mountains #somewhereintheUSA


Sometimes depression hits at the most unexpected places #documentingdepression


Hanging out on the biggest trees in the world #sequoianationalpark


Climbing things #themeofourtrip #somewhereintheUSA #wherethebigtreesare


More Mashups! #experimentalart #expressionism


Mashups are so fun! Great trip with great friends. And my car survived the 3,000 miles. 





A Year in Selfies (Part 2)



Semester 2 began with a fun non-literal photo project. #stilldepressedtho


Some days were harder than others. #documentingdepression


What the button says. #newpronouns #theythem #pronounsmatter


Started working on a new documentary art project. #gonnabemymastersproject


Carrying around all the photo equipment #forthenewproject #foundmyniche


Went to Chicago for an LGBTQ College Conference. #queer #outandproud




That time Pete Souza came to town and I got to frame all his photos. #photorolemodel


First time on a tractor! #thatmudtho




Did I mention about my new pronouns? #theythem


Fresh haircut #arttherapy #shadowselfie


Having fun at a photo shoot. #newdocumentaryartproject #masterprojectinprogress


A photo of me taking a photo of a photo of someone’s door, hanging on their door. #meta #inception


That time I flew home for a weekend wedding, when I thought I might be failing out of school #ididn’tfailtho


Best wedding ever! #highschoolreunion


Walk with Dad and the Dog #newfoundappriciationformydogafterhunting


Another shadow selfie #arttherapy


That time I came out of a meeting determining my future at school. #stressful


One of my favorite photos from the semester when I started to experiment with mashups.


Birthday Mashup


That time I bonded with my room mate by running down the street barefoot to catch the sunset. #cooplife #friendshiphump


That time school was almost over but I wasn’t quite done yet. #doesiteverend


A view of the awesome zen tangle mural on my living room ceiling. #arttherapy #cooplife


That time someone smashed my car but my housemates were there for moral support. #selfiesmakeeverythingbetter


Final Mashup of the semester. One step closer to living my dreams. #arttherapy










A Year in Selfies (Part 1)


Started Grad School in Ohio


Golden Hour selfie with the cohort buddies


Road trip to Geek Fest in D.C. #gradschoolisaboutthecarrides


Lived in a co-op


Went to A’s wedding in D.C.! #kindergartenfriends #madeitjustintime


Favorite Fancy Shoes




Bought a bike before I bought a car. #ofcourseidid


Rest Stop on the way home from Thanksgiving Break with S. and K. on the East Coast. #friends


Started anti-depressants. #documentingdepression


Spent a lot of time being depressed because #gradschool so decided to start taking pictures of the experience. #documentingdepression


Finally Bought a car. Walk home after taking it to the shop for repairs. #arttherapy


End of Semester 1 with a day at the art museum #designtherapy


Winterbreak in S.F. with the Dad. #Ileftmyheartinuniqlo

New Year, New Semester

It’s the start of a new semester in Ohio. I’m taking a more manageable load this semester, so that I can really focus on my most intense photo class and still have time to breathe. Here are some other changes I’ve implemented to help myself have a fresh start:

-I moved rooms in my co-op.

-I rented a locker in the gym.

-I don’t have any classes that start before 10:30am.

-We are painting a giant zen tangle art therapy mural on the living room ceiling.

-Oh, and I finally took a self portrait today. I haven’t taken one in a while.


Alternate Path. Self Portrait. #withoutdisguise

First Gig

That potential gig I mentioned is actually happening. Performing next week at a bar in Itaewon called Link. Super stoked!

I have a whole 15-20 minute set to myself. I have 5 songs picked out to play, all but one of which I’ve written in Korea. So it will be a good send off for myself. And it will be good to burn some karma, and leave it here before I go.

The Next Level

I’ve finally reached the next level as a musician. I’ve been invited to perform a gig.

It’s now been about 5 years since I started writing music and performing open mics. Over the course of the last 5 years, I’ve performed at open mics in about 8 different cities, 1 national park,  and 1 foreign country. Seoul is the biggest city I’ve performed in, and while I’ve been here I’ve played at 3 different venues.

Last weekend, I performed at a monthly open mic in Itaewon. Afterwards one of the other performers came up and complimented my first song. He said the chorus really touched him. I appreciated the affirmation, because it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve written so far. Have a listen here.

He recently opened up a bar in Itaewon and said he’s planning to have some music nights, and invited me to perform. I told him thanks, but I’m leaving next month. He said, he’s planning to have one in July and to email him to get in touch. As I left the bar, the bartender also complimented me and invited me to come back and book a show sometime.  2 invitations to have a gig in one night!

I’ve never had  a gig before, and partly it was because I never felt ready to. Writing music has always been a hobby and a therapeutic outlet for my emotions, so I’ve never felt the need to put myself out there beyond open mics. However, I feel like I’ve reached the point where I feel proud of enough of my songs that I would feel confident to play a whole set. So we’ll see. Maybe I’ll have my first gig before I leave this country.

Even if it doesn’t work out, it’s nice to know that I’ve reached the next level and I  actually feel confident enough about my own talent to feel like I deserve to be here.

Quitting YouTube

This month’s YOQ task is quitting YouTube.

I’d been doing a lot of youtube binging the last few months which was interrupting my sleep routine. So this month I blocked it on all my browsers. So far it seems to be helping  me to get back on track. Although, to be honest,  I think the trip to the tea festival made the biggest dent in whipping me into some sort of routine.

The nice thing is I have more time freed up for blogging which I’ve been doing more of this month. I am starting to collect blogs like I collect notebooks.

I have this tendency to compartmentalize. I like to have separate notebooks for separate things. One notebook is just for my dreams, another is for my morning pages, another is for my therapy sessions, etc.

Now I have a handful of blogs on various platforms. I’ve got my photo blog, and my poetry blog, and this one where I blog about the year of quitting and the unplanning project, and a handful of others.

I guess May will just be the month of blogging.