Unplanning Abundance

This month’s #unplanning task is not planning where my money is going to come from. For the last 7 months I’ve been coasting quite cushily on savings. Now it’s time to get back to the daily grind and make some dough. I already have a few part time jobs lined up, but I don’t have a complete idea of where all my money is going to be coming from. I’m trying not to worry about it though because I’m trusting in the idea of abundance.

One of my core desired feelings for the year is abundance. (I’ll have to write more about core desired feelings in a future post.) Basically abundance is the idea that there is more than enough out there. More than enough money. More than enough opportunities. More than enough job prospects. More than enough love. More than enough time. More than enough.

So when I go through my day, I try to remind myself to live from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. For example, when I’m trying to keep to my budget, sometimes I get to the end of the week and think I can’t spend a single won more on fruit or snacks, etc. But sometimes I just need to splurge on some bananas for myself. I remind myself in those times that I do have enough. And I deserve a banana, dammit. (Yes, these are the types of conversations I really have with myself in my head.)

Abundance is closely tied to the idea of synchronicity. Synchronicity is the idea that there is a force in the universe out there pulling the strings for you in your favor. Synchronicity is how I landed 3 of my recent part time jobs.

One day I ran into some members from my meditation group having a chat downstairs after meditation. We got to talking, and one of them mentioned they were looking for someone to tutor a nun. I was looking for a job at the time and voila- the first part time job was hand delivered to me via synchroncity. Through that nun I recieved two other tutoring jobs. And who knows, maybe through those people I’ll land a few more.

My other core desired feeling is trust. So I’m trusting in synchronicity to supply me with the right amount of abundance to get me through the month, and the next few months, before I head off to grad school. Did I mention on this blog yet that I got accepted into grad school? Well, if I didn’t, now I have.

I’ll be leaving Korea at the end of July and heading to Ohio University in August to study photojournalism. Super excited! Oh, and there’s another example of abundance in action. I was told I will be eligible for some grants to help pay for tuition. So yay for abundance! Keep it coming universe.



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