The Uniform


The Uniform (sans grey shoes)

February’s YOQ task was to wear the same outfit everyday. My uniform.

I’ve been trying to build up my uniform for the last few months ever since I read this article. I’d finally settled on a color- grey, and have been slowing scouring the vintage shops for grey items to add to my wardrobe.

I finally had enough pieces for one outfit. I kept thinking I needed to find more pieces before I started wearing it. But then I thought, Why do I need more than one outfit? I’m not that dirty. I’ll just wash it weekly and change my underwear. So the one-outfit-month idea was born.

This is my uniform: grey pants, grey shirt, grey sweater, black peacoat, grey tie, grey scarf, grey socks, and occasional grey hat. I’ve even got grey shoes.


Featuring the 5,000 won sweater and coat

It worked out nicely with my new haircut which I got at the beginning of the month. I’m most proud of my 5,000 won grey sweater which I found at the same place as my 5,000 won peacoat. (I remind myself of my halmoni, bragging about the bargains I purchased my clothes at.)

At some point, I’d still like to get a suit tailored. I need to do a bit more research for the best deal because they are quite pricey. My initial research averaged a full suit around 400,000 won minimum.

Until I have more money saved up, my one outfit uniform suits me for now. And it’s fun to explore the thrift shops for items to add to it. I figure it will be a slow process and it doesn’t have to happen all in one shopping spree. I might not have a full wardrobe built up for a few years, but it’s fun to start looking.


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