My Date With A Gluten Free Pizza

Tonight I had my first date with a gluten free pizza. I’d been looking forward to this night for a while. I first hear of Ppuri on the plate, the vegan, gluten free, sugar free cafe  in hyehwa about a month or two ago when I was researching vegan restaurants to try in Seoul.

My first attempt at Ppuri was thwarted by the fact that you had to make reservations for dinner and it was a little bit far to visit on a weeknight. But I knew I wanted to go at some point and was waiting for the right opportunity.

My wish was granted last week after yoga class. While walking to the subway with my friend U, we were discussing vegan food and vegan restaurants in Seoul. She mentioned she was going to Ppuri the following week and I mentioned I’d been wanting to go there. When she invited me to join I was thrilled! I put in my order for the vegan pizza with the gluten free crust made with brown rice flour and have been looking forward to it all week.

I’ve been suspecting I might be gluten intolerant for awhile now. A month ago, I self diagnosed my symptoms and decided to definately cut it out. The problem was, I hadn’t prepped for it and so I kept succumbing to my bread cravings quite regularly. I had to make an adjustment.

I realized I couldn’t just go cold turkey. I needed to prep myself mentally like I had when I quit sugar and became vegan. For both of those diet changes, I knew in the back of my head for months ahead of time that I was gonna do it, which helped the transition go a lot smoother.

This last week, I had another bought of depression which I’m half convinced is correlated with gluten. Gluten makes me tired and brings my energy down which throws off my sleep schedule and routine and makes my life a hot mess. I’d already decided next month’s Year of Quitting task is going to be gluten. But starting this week I’ve resolved to start avoiding all gluten more strictly.

Last night I had the opportunity to eat bread and turned it down immediately, although I was sad about it. My friend B did that nice thing where he pretends it doesn’t even taste good as he takes another slice. But it doesn’t help because I know he’s deliberately lying. So I whined a bit and lamented the loss of bread in my life.

Today’s much awaited date with the gluten free pizza couldn’t have come at a better time. As soon as we got to the restaurant I was so excited. I walked in and saw all the cakes labeled as brown rice cakes. Before we even began eating I couldn’t wait for dessert!

Everything was delicious and the gluten free pizza was sooooo yummy. We got a slice of GF banana bread as service and I ordered a slice of GF chocolate cake for take out. I’m glad I got to eat there to celebrate the beginning of my new GF life.

After dinner, as I was walking through the subway I noticed I was joyful. I think my body was happy with the food it had received. This year has been about listening closely to the signals my body gives me. I think my body has been screaming at me to give up gluten for years. And it’s so grateful that I’m finally listening.


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