Why are we so afraid?


I’ve been thinking a lot about fear recently. And how to face it.

Our wold lives in fear. And I get pissed when people try to tell me I shouldn’t do things because I should be afraid. Just because other people are afraid doesn’t mean I need to be. The worst part is it’s really hard to reject it. I absorb fear subconsciously just by nature of the fact that people keep pushing it on me.

Fear is the most powerful force out there. Fear of failure. Fear of missing out. Fear of rejection. Fear of getting hurt. Fear of being alone. Fear of death. I’m sure there are plenty more.

I understand that some fear is valid, but a lot of it is false. And I don’t have room in my life for false fear anymore.

I reject fear.

I admit, I have fear. I don’t have any less fear than others. I almost feel it more acutely because I’m so aware of it. I feel it in body. Sometimes it manifests in my churning stomach or in the speed of my beating heart.

I was telling my friend M about some of my #half-thoughts on fear and she told me about this guy who practices Rejection Therapy to overcome his fear of rejection.

I really liked the idea, so I decided February’s #Unplanning task is Rejection Therapy. Every day this month I’m practicing getting rejected and also rejecting others.

One of my biggest struggles is rejecting others and moving on. I have a really hard time saying no to things and people and letting go. I hope this month of rejection therapy will allow me to strengthen some of my anti-fear muscles.


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