What Are You?

On Sunday, I performed my first Slam Poem live.  My nerves always kick in while I’m in the middle of performing and afterwards I was so worked up my hands were shaking.

Damn, it felt good.

I’m already ready to recite it again. And I’m ready to go back next month to recite some more. I went directly home that night and read through all the poems I’d written on my secret blog for the last 6 months and already prepared and practiced three sets.

I’m grateful for the space Wordsmiths at Southside Parlor in Itaewon provided for my art. I almost didn’t get a chance to perform. When I walked in and tried to sign up, I was informed the list was full and I was supposed to have sent a message before hand to sign up. I was so devastated I started crying right there on the spot.

When I had called a few days ago, the staff told me I could just show up. I’d been practicing my poem for the last few days over and over in my apartment. The neighbors were probably wondering what I was screaming about and I was really looking forward to reciting my poem on this particular night.

I was too distraught to keep talking to the MC, so I quickly escaped to the back of the room, sat on a stool, and tried to compose myself as the tears continued streaming down my face.  Seeing how distraught I was, V quickly conferred with her co-host and they were able to shift the schedule and squeeze me in during the second act because one person had cancelled.

Thank you universe for creating whatever excuse it was that drew that other person away, leaving me an opportunity to take their place. I am also incredibly grateful for those two kind hosts at the event.

The universe had several bits of synchronicity in store for me on this particular Sunday evening. As I was walking up the steps, a little late because I’d gotten lost on my way there, I heard a song I recognized. I realized it was my friend L, who I’d met at my last open mic, performing. I thought it was serendipitous that we both ended up at the same open mic again.

I hadn’t been expecting to know anyone in the audience, but it turned out I actually knew two. During the break, M from AAJA came over and said hi. It was perfect timing because at that moment I had been wondering who I was going to ask to press play on my camera and audio recorder so I could film my poem. The universe graciously cast M for the role.  After the performance, M commented that as a former astronomer, he appreciated the galaxy metaphor.

I appreciated all the affirmations I received for my performance.

“You slammed it,” L told me as he shook my hand in congratulations. Others told me they couldn’t believe that was my first time reciting poetry. So this is what an art community feels like. Needless to say, I’ll be going back to the next one. And I’ll be certain to sign up ahead of time.


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