Vegan Super Powers

This week I fed my vegan super powers with amazing meals from two lovely vegan cafes in Seoul.

Monday was a trip to Loving Hut Cafe in Gangnam with my friend M. It’s a bit cumbersome to find, but worth it.  As we were walking along, not quite sure if we were going in the right direction, M was telling me about the Vegan Superhero in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Being a vegan apparently gives one intense psychic powers if one focuses and dedicates one’s self to being a vegan for long enough. These powers are insanely powerful and apparently strong enough to practically turn a person into a superhuman.

Yes. I’ll take superhuman powers from vegan food, any day.

The great thing about Loving Hut Cafe is they also sell lots of vegan products, including vegan meat and cheese substitutes. I purchased a bulgogi substitute, and am looking forward to trying it out during my upcoming Korean food month.

Wednesday was a trip to Plant Cafe in Itaewon. I’d heard great things about this cafe and was actually intending to check it out on Monday, had it not been closed. This cafe is nestled in the back alleys of Itaewon. As Y and I were wandering the windy streets searching for this place, we couldn’t help but wonder if all the vegan cafes were hard to find on purpose. It’s as if they are testing your devotion to veganism, seeing if you will give up at the first sign of difficulty.

Luckily we found it and it was exactly the vegan-y atmosphere I had been expecting. There was a simple chalkboard menu with a handful of rotating specials. And a glass case full of scrumptious vegan cakes and cookies.

There were also watercolor paintings lining the wall, displayed with little fan fare. Just pages torn out of a sketchbook and taped up without frames or captions. Before leaving I asked about how one could get on the list to display their art on the walls. I was given an email, and am excited to follow up with this possible photo showcasing venue.

This week was the perfect adrenaline boost to finish out my vegan month and carry it over into the new year. Y asked me if I’m going to continue after this month is over, and as per standard Year of Quitting fashion, I’ve decided I am.

Next month is Korean Food month. I’m quitting all non-Korean food to force myself to learn how to cook the local cuisine while I’m still living here. I’m excited to experiment with vegan Korean dishes.

As I write this, I’m simmering vegan Dukguk to ring in the New Year, proper Korean style. Happy New Year Everyone!


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