Dining with feeling x

I recently posted my favorite Rumi poem about learning to sit with my feelings.

After I wrote the post, my friend M wrote to me in an email as encouragement:

Remember Rumi’s poem, and feel every emotion to the fullest, the anger, the happiness, the sadness. Embrace them fully, and send them off once you’ve dined with them well.

I thought the idea of “dining with my feelings” was genius. Dining with the feelings is my new way to experiment with inviting them in laughing. 

So now when I have a feeling that threatens to overwhelm me, first I label it until it subsides-
feeling, feeling, feeling”
“shame shame shame”
“pain pain pain”

Then I imagine what meal I’d offer it-
a stew
a curry
a pie.

I have fun imagining which meal would best be suited to each feeling.

So far the meals have only been cooked up in my head. But this week, after several days of wallowing, I knew I had to cook this one for real. I had to dine with this feeling that’s been haunting me for the last 9 months and sit with it for a while.

Feeling X might not be ready to go off on its own way yet. It may come back to visit again. But I’ll just prepare another meal for it when that time comes.

And in the meantime-

Let them eat pie.


Mini Vegan Pumpkin Pie- A meal with Feeling X



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