Do Something That Scares You Everyday

S and I were riding our bikes along the sidewalk towards his neighborhood, when he suddenly veered off down a short, but steep dirt incline. I peddled a few feet further to where the road met the sidewalk before turning.

When I caught up to S a few seconds later, he told me, “Eleanor Roosevelt said you should do something that scares you everyday. So sometimes if I haven’t done my one thing for the day, I make it a point to ride down that hill.”

It wasn’t a particularly big hill. But it was angled just enough to make your heart skip a beat as you would roll down at double the speed of a beat before. Although I passed that hill a dozen times that summer, I never gathered up the courage to ride down it myself.

Every so often I can hear the voice of S whispering in the back of my mind, just when I’m about to avoid something out of fear.

“Do something that scares you everyday,” I always whisper back, as I proceed to ride down my dirt hill for that day.


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