The Year Of Quitting Ends And Begins Again

December is the final month of the Year of Quitting. The last YOQ task is the vegan month. I’ve been working up to this month all year.

I knew I was going to do a vegetarian month since before I gave up sugar.  I figured why not just go all the way and do vegan while I’m at it? I’ve been prepping the last few months by mostly not eating meat and dairy. Except when my dreams tell me to have some chicken.

I read in a book about dreams that sometimes they offer advice about your health, such as about food you should or shouldn’t eat. After I read that, I recalled all the dreams I’d been having about people offering me cooked chicken. I decided my dreams were telling me to eat some, so I went out and bought one.

At the local mart, chicken only comes whole, not in pre de-boned fillets. The butcher pulled it out of the bag and offered to chop it up for me. He looked at me and asked if the pieces were small enough, and I asked, “Can they be smaller?” He butchered up that chicken into tiny bite sized pieces, his huge knife slicing right through the bone. I didn’t know it was that simple to cut through bone.

I walked home with a bag of raw chicken wondering how I was going to cook it. I’d never cooked roast chicken before. But I knew google would come to my rescue. Turns out it’s easy. All you need is oil, salt, and pepper. Toss it in the oven for 10-15 minutes. And out comes delicious roasted chicken. I’ll add that to my Under 5 Cookbook.

Anyway, I’d mostly given up cheese too, ever since I confirmed I’m lactose intolerant back in July. And I’d already been drinking only soy milk for the last 2 years, while I was suspicious. The only thing that is going to be hard is giving up eggs. They go in a lot of baked goods, and Korean Omelets are an easy and quick Under 5 meal.

I learned from the no sugar month, that restricting your options often makes you more creative. So I know, even if I give up eggs, I’ll find work arounds and end up with even more recipes under my belt.

Although this year’s Year of Quitting is coming to an end, I’ve already decided to do a Year 2. I’ve still got plenty of more things to quit and I look forward to quitting them one by one next year.


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