The Great Thing About The Dance Floor

You don’t owe anyone anything.

There are no rules about how you have to be or act,

how you dance,

who you dance with or don’t,

what you say or don’t say.

All you have to do is dance.

You don’t even have to think anything.

You just let the rhythm wash over you,

seep into your bones,

and ripple through your body in waves.

You just feel it.

When you dance there is no right or wrong way.

No one is watching you-

even if they are,

they’re too drunk to notice or remember

so it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter what you wear

or what moves you pull.

You are dancing with no one but yourself.

It’s as if all the other bodies

fade away

and there is just you,

your body,

and the beat.

All united as one.

You don’t have to follow any steps,

struggle to stay in sync,

or worry about messing up.

It’s impossible to mess up

because it’s not a performance.

It’s just you

as you are

at that moment

from beat

to beat

to beat.


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