Move In Day- Take 5

DSC_0465_w8 days, 7 nights, and 300 kilometers later- I’m finally back in Seoul and officially moved out of Jochiwon.

The last step of the move was getting my bike and riding it to Seoul. It took a few days longer than I expected, but I expected it to. Not knowing how long it would take was all in the #unplanning.

I may have forgotten to mention that I expected it to take longer than I planned to my aunts, because they were all worrying when I came back 3 days later than I originally told them. In retrospect, I should have mentioned that important detail before I went, or called to tell them I wouldn’t be back on Saturday as planned. But I’m fine, so it all worked out.


It was a good pilgrimage and I have plenty of back dated updates, photos,  and half thoughts to post over the next few weeks.

It’s nice to be home.

The pilgrim is different.

The pilgrim resolves that the one who returns will not be the same person as the one who set out.

-Andrew Schelling


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