Jumping In Blind

I’m finally starting the bike pilgrimage tomorrow! And I’m jumping in blind.

I won’t have data/wireless this month, so I won’t be able to check my location on naver maps or look up places to stay in the towns I come along. But I’m ok with that.

I’ve got a map of the bike trail and the trail is really well marked, so as long as I follow the signs and take things slow I’ll be fine. Plus this fits into the #Unplanning Project even better. I think pilgrimages are meant to be unplanned journeys anyway.

Since I won’t have wi-fi, I won’t be posting this week, but I’ll be sure to document my half thoughts along the way and share them when I get back.

When I realized this trip was happening, I remembered the song I wrote about a year ago now. I wrote it just before the first bike trip, because I remember singing it out loud along the way. It’ll be the soundtrack for this trip, too. It’s called Blind.

When we’re traveling down this lonely road
it can seem that we are blind
The road before us twists and turns
we’ve got to trust our feet to find-

Find our way
Down the right road
Find our way
Find our way down the right road

I’m trusting my feet to find my way
to my new home~
to my soul.
Because that’s my destination~ Seoul.
My soul.

But it’s not really about the destination.
It’s about the journey to get there.

Here’s to the journey!
Let’s 가자!


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