Shedding my old skin

Yesterday I went to the 목욕탕 (Korean sauna) for the first time in my new neighborhood. I’ve been dying to get  때 for awhile.

Deh is the Korean word for grime, referring to your dead skin. When you get 때, basically you pay an ajumma to scrub all the dead skin off your body.

And boy do they scrub! This was my second time getting 때, so I knew to expect some discomfort. But ohh man- it feels like they are peeling your skin off.

I guess, in a way, they are. Which is perfect because I felt I needed to symbolically step into my new skin.

I’d been crying a lot lately, and I finally realized why. I’ve been mourning the death of the old me. Or at least, my outer shell that I thought was me.

Well, it’s time to shed that skin and leave it behind-
in little, dirty pieces of 때 at the 목욕탕.


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