Budget Phone Plan

Today I cancelled my phone plan and transferred over to a pay as you go plan. I won’t be using the data or wireless on my phone during No Nonsense November and I haven’t been using much data lately anyway, so this was the perfect time to switch over to the new data-less plan.

Yesterday I was walking to the subway with a girl from my yoga class, and telling her how I just moved in mentally to Seoul. She said this is the perfect time to do a jump off the cliff year. Since I have no one to depend on me, I can live a slightly more austere life without inconveniencing anyone but myself (i.e. budget meals, budget phone plans, etc.)

She also said, “You’ll find a job when you run out of money.” Reassuring me that everything will work out. And there’s no need to worry until then.

There’s a quote on a sticky note up on my wall that says:

“I’m not intended to have tomorrow’s supplies today. For the burden would be too heavy and the way was meant to be light.”

Half way through October I realized I’m not meant to have the whole year’s rent today. That would just weigh me down. When I come to that point where I run out of money, the supplies for tomorrow will present themselves. I’ll work when I run out of supplies. Until then I don’t have to worry about where those supplies are going to come from.

In the meantime, I can continue learning how to live with less. Starting with less time on my phone.


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