The Joy of Unplanning

Today I met up with a friend for Indian food in Itaewon. I’d been waiting for an opportunity to go back and try one of the restaurants hidden in the ally behind the Mosque.

This summer when S came to visit, I’d mentioned I’d always wanted to go visit the Mosque, so we went to check it out. I knew the general area it was located, just around the corner from my favorite foreign mart where I refill my goldfish stash. But I’d never been further up the hill than that market.

As we wandered up the ally, there were all these awesome restaurants- Turkish food, Egyption food, Indian food. We had just eaten lunch, but we both lamented that we had. We would have loved to try one of the gems we’d just stumbled upon. I made a mental note to come back next time I was in Itaewon for dinner. Today was the moment I’d been waiting for.

Old me would have done some pre-research on the internet to find the best recommended restaurant on the street. But new me was holding out for some #unplanning. I figured we’d just walk down the street and pick a place that looked good to us. We got to the end of the road where the Mosque was, but nothing really caught our eye, so we decided to go just a little further down the road. Good choice. We narrowed it down to two Pakistani Indian places that were just a few doors apart.

“Should we pick the place that looks nicer, or go for the hole in the wall?” I asked.

“Hole in the wall,” C responded.

Hands down it turned out to be the best Indian food I’ve had in Korea. Maybe it was just because the owner had such a great smile. I always love places where the people inside are friendly. Or maybe it was because they offered us some service chai at the end of the meal. But either way, we both agreed we made the right choice. I would definitely go back again. Another win for #unplanning.


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