No Nonsense November

October is almost at an end, which means it’s time to start pondering what to quit next month. I’ve decided in lieu of the complete internet fast I’ll go for a Social Media Cleanse. No twitter. No instagram. No top 5 blogs. No youtube. No Kakao Talk.

I have some serious work to do finishing up my video project, updating my portfolio and resume, and editing my Hometown series. I want to make a big dent in those three big projects this month in preparation for applying to grad school and starting the job hunt.

So no distractions. No passive browsing and link clicking. No waiting for likes and comments. No data or wireless on my phone. My phone will be for phone calls and text messages. It will be for reaching people and being reached by people–but no time wasting.

I’m still debating about this blog and my tumblr. I want to keep those two outlets open for my daily creative outputs. But I may put them on hold as well. I’ve still got a few more days left to decide.  I can always change my mind later, once the No Nonsense is officially underway. #unplanning


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