Sometimes Tears Don’t Mean You’re Sad

DSC_0136_wToday I said a bittersweet goodbye to my dear friend M as she was headed to the airport on her way out of Korea after a little over 2 years. We’d gotten to know each other over #half-thought chats and cooking lessons throughout her time in Korea. I was grateful we got to share one last adventure together (to be documented in following posts) before she left for a new chapter in her life wandering around Europe for the next 3 months.

The first tears came as I wrote a goodbye/ thank you letter to her. Just thinking about all the awesome memories we’ve made together made me sentimental. As soon as she strapped up her backpack and walked out the door, I read the good bye note she had written me to remind me of all the reasons she thinks I’m awesome. And the tears just started to flow.

But I was ok with it. I knew they weren’t despairing tears. They were more of the joyful variety. The kind acknowledging all the fun we’ve shared and lessons we’ve learned from each other.

I read a blog post from one of my top 5 the other day reminding me that “A loss is a loss no matter how small” and “Grieving is ultimately the gateway to moving forward.” It was a good lesson to remind myself of amongst all the recent transition in my life. Whenever there is transition and change, there is a grieving process of the way things used to be. Whether that is the result of a new house, a new job, a friend moving on, or a new lifestyle.

So I knew it was ok and good to cry for the end of this chapter of our friendship, as she moves on to the next adventure, as do I.  I realized my tears were also grateful for having been seen. Really seen. One of our last #half-thought conversations was about how we are giving out less material things as gifts these days, but prefer to offer experiences instead. I think the best gift I received was that of being really seen. And for that I’m blessed.

M, you’ll be missed. But thanks for really seeing me. Best on your next phase of the revolution inside your head.

That time we had a genius in my apartment

That time we had a genius in my apartment


3 thoughts on “Sometimes Tears Don’t Mean You’re Sad

  1. Maria says:

    Love the title, love the message, love you! Glad I was able to see and love the real and wonderful you. To many more revolutions in our minds, and geniuses to write down!^^

  2. Maggie says:

    Love this post and love you both! M – so glad you are on your way towards me! 🙂

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