Unstructured Routine

This month’s goal for The Unplanning Project is not planning what I do each day. This is a challenge because at the same time I’m unplanning my daily tasks I’m also trying to implement a daily routine. These goals appear on the surface to be conflicting, yet it’s all part of the magic of Structured Spontaneity.

I call it Unstructured Routine.

Every day I have a routine. But there are 2 main gaps in the day for creating and doing admin tasks which can be penciled in each day. One gap is in the morning before lunch. The other gap is in the afternoon before dinner. I was inspired to create these 2 main creative/ admin blocks in my day by the bemorewithless post about ways to create a routine with joyful discipline. 

The current routine is:

  • Morning Routine
  • Creative Morning Task [Unstructured]
  • Lunch Routine
  • Movement/ Yoga/ Meditation
  • Afternoon Admin Tasks [Unstructured]
  • Dinner
  • Open
  • Bedtime Routine

There are no set times for things because it usually depends on what time I wake up. I’ve let go of trying to wake up early. I just roll with whatever time I manage to open my eyes in the morning. Instead I try to focus on getting to bed as early as possible the next night.

As I predicted quitting staying up late is proving to be the hardest month so far. I guess that just means it’s a good thing I scheduled it at the end of the year rather than at the beginning.


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