The Art of Salvaging

I’ve been experimenting a lot with cooking. Especially now that I only buy sale item produce, sometimes I have to come up with new recipes to cook the veggies I have. But when my experiments don’t go well, I’m left with a new conundrum- what do I do with my flops?

I’ve tried to make simple roasted veggies twice now, seasoned with oil and salt and rosemary. Both times it completely flopped. I’ve now learned that I really don’t like rosemary.

The first time I was able to salvage my potatoes and turnips by turning them into a curry. This time I salvaged my eggplant and zucchini into a Korean Omelet.

The Korean Omelet is a recipe for the Under 5 Cookbook. I learned how to make it from my grandmother. All you need are some eggs and some toppings. When my grandmother first made it she added chopped onions, garlic, and green chili peppers, some salt, and pepper. But she told me I can put any veggies inside.

The Korean Omelet is a lot like an omelet except it’s rolled instead of folded. I’m still working on my rolling skills. But I’m getting better each time.

To make a Korean omelet:

  1. First beat 3-5 eggs and add your toppings into the egg mix.
  2. Then pour the egg mix into your frying pan to make a flat egg pancake.
  3. After letting it sit for a few minutes slowly start rolling the pancake from one end.
  4. Keep rolling the egg pancake over onto itself until you have a burrito shaped egg creation.
  5.  If your egg omelet falls apart, you can always just scramble the egg mix instead.
  6. Usually makes 2-3 egg omelets.

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