Quitting Staying up late and already failing

My Year of Quitting plan for October was to quit internet. But plans changed. Luckily it’s the year of unplanning too, so that is allowed.

I wasn’t quite ready do it for a number of factors, including being in the middle of research for grad school. Anyway, I was a little bit dreading quitting internet, because I knew how big of a challenge it would be. And so I chose something even harder.

I chose to quit staying up late.

This is a huge challenge for me because in the past I never considered myself a morning person. Also I tend to stay up later than I should, which means I can’t get up as early as I planned, which means I sleep in and am not tired enough to go to bed early the next day, and the cycle continues.

It’s time to break the cycle.

The first two days went pretty well. I woke up at 6am and went to bed at 9:30pm. But by the third day I was already failing. I went to bed at midnight and then couldn’t get up until after 9am. Today I managed to wake up at 6am, but then I fell back asleep.

I need to reassess my strategy.

So tonight it’s back to getting to bed by 9pm. And waking up at 6am. Backwards planning means I need to get ready for bed by 8:30pm, shut off internet by 8pm, eat by 5~6pm, cook by 4~5pm, and so forth.  It may take a bit of adjusting until I settle into the routine.  But it will happen. One day at a time.

I think adjusting my sleep schedule is going to prove to be even harder than quitting sugar. And that was pretty hard.

It’s a good thing that now I know I can quit anything.


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