I Am Art

“Have you ever thought you might be an artist?”  My dream asks me. 

I say, “What does that mean exactly?”

High Strung

High Strung


Art isn’t a choice-

It’s like breathing.

It just happens.


Sometimes I have to make more effort to do art consciously.

But mostly, it just happens on its own.

It happens when I’m walking.

It happens when I’m dreaming.

It happens when I’m driving.

It happens when I’m on my bike.

It happens on the bus.

It happens on the subway.

It happens in the morning.

It happens at night.


Art is in my being.

Art is what grounds me.

Art flows in my veins

in my lungs

in my blood.


Art travels from the very core of my being

to my toes and fingertips

making them tingle and itch

to pick up the pen,

snap the shutter,

or pluck the guitar strings.


Art is me.

I am art.


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