Surprise! Change Of Plans

It’s only fitting that The Unplanning Project did not start off according to plan.

I had planned to move to Seoul, start my bike trip right away, and do a month of not knowing where I would sleep each night.

Well, I postponed the bike trip, and I haven’t been sleeping in different places because I decided to move again. I know I just moved in and all, but well- it’s time to move already.

WHAT? Are you crazy? You may be thinking. Or at least I was.

The answer is yes.  I am.

I’m crazy, but I’m not.

I realized after moving in I didn’t have enough saved to last the whole year without a job. And it had become very important to me on this pilgrimage to know that I didn’t have to work if I didn’t want to for the whole year.

The intent of this year is to do things for me, and me alone. To say “no” more, to socialize less, to do, learn, and build practices and habits that were healthy for my mind, body, and soul. Not having to worry about money would allow me to do those things freely.

I’m moving so I can find a place with a lower deposit and be able to spend the whole year  in my cave without the worry of needing to find a job.

Last week at yoga class my yoga teacher said, “Yogis are crazy people.”

What he meant was other people think we are crazy. They think we are crazy because we are happy, free, and following our dreams.

But the truth is we are not crazy. It is not crazy to follow your heart. It just seems like it from the outside.

Then he said: “Let us be crazy.”

That was the moment I embraced it. The craziness.

I told myself, “Yes- I am crazy, but I’m not.”

With that affirmation I knew moving was the right decision.

Reasons why I thought moving immediately after moving in was crazy:

  1. I just moved in
  2. I signed a 1 year contract
  3. I put down a 10,000 dollar deposit
  4. I shouldn’t cry over a pot

But then I realized so what if I signed a contract. All contracts can be broken with a fee.

So what if I just moved in. I’m allowed to change my mind.

So what if I put down such a large sum of money. As long as I find someone to replace me, I can get it all back.

So what if I cried because my pots didn’t work on the weird stove I have and I had to go out and buy a new one. I’m allowed to cry. I’m allowed to not like my stove. And I’m allowed to move if I want.

So with that I am moving. I know it will cost me a lot more to move,  my new place will be a bit more expensive, and I’m using up all my money that I saved and saved. But I saved my money to use it. And I can use it however I want.

I was waiting to write this post until it was more official. Because the act of writing it down makes it a little bit more true. What if I changed my mind and didn’t move after all? I’m learning I can change my mind whenever I want. It’s allowed. So even as I write this now I know that what actually happens tomorrow or next week could change again.

That is what The Unplanning Project is all about anyway.

Everything will be ok.


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