Move In Day-Take 3

Now I’m in the middle of dose number 3. Yesterday I went back to Jochiwon to stuff the last stray odds and ends into a suitcase to carry up to Seoul on the train.


Moving the last of my stuff by train. Still too much stuff, but what can you do?

Today I paid the landlady the final gas and electricity bills and handed over the keys.

The figurative keys at least. In Korea most apartment doors have numbered passcodes, so you never need to worry about forgetting your keys or remembering if you locked the door.

This is mostly great, except then you have to make sure you don’t forget the passcode. The one on your own door is usually easy enough, but the one to the main entrance takes a bit of time to memorize.

On Tuesday I discovered how important it is to memorize those numbers as quickly as possible.

I wasn’t quite ready when the truck guy showed up, so I started frantically stuffing papers and random things into backpacks and boxes without thinking. In my frenzy I accidentally packed the very important piece of paper with my front door code written on it. The paper also had the landlord’s phone number on it, so I couldn’t even call to ask.

I had no idea where I stuck it, and I started panicking until my friend who had come to help me pack the truck suggested I call the realtor. That seemed like a reasonable solution. Luckily she had the code and I was able move in my stuff.

Lesson learned~ don’t frantically pack stuff at the last minute. #멘붕


Finally empty. Goodbye home!^^


2 thoughts on “Move In Day-Take 3

  1. meesookw says:

    Your old room looks so huge !
    Great job to clean out that place!
    Take a deep breath now:)

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