Move In Day- Take 2

I woke up at 5am after falling asleep with the lights on. Falling asleep with the lights on indicates there’s something important I need to finish as soon as I get up. Usually that something is packing.

I have this habit where I procrastinate whenever I pack, and end up pulling half an all-nighter, while falling asleep for a few hours in the middle of the night. Then I wake up super early in the morning and rush to pack the last part of my bags.

This is a habit I noticed.  Something to work on for the future maybe. But this time I was prepared for this to happen.


Tuesday was my second move in day.

I like moving in small doses rather than all at once. It helps ease the stress, knowing I have cushion days to gather all of my things. As anticipated I left several things scattered across my floor just before I left for Seoul.

Dose number 1 of moving, consisted of renting a car,  packing it with a few suitcases full of clothes, books, and cleaning supplies, and driving it to Seoul myself. It took 3 hours both ways with traffic. I couldn’t fit everything in the car, but it gave me a chance to gage the furniture situation so I could decide which furniture to bring with me and which furniture to sell before I left Jochiwon.


This time I ordered a 1 ton moving truck and driver. The price wasn’t too much more than renting a car, I could fit more stuff in the back of the truck, and most importantly someone else drove instead of me.


1 ton moving truck. They throw this green net over your stuff so nothing falls out on the highway.

Now I love driving, especially singing out loud in the car. I write some of my best songs that way. But Seoul traffic is a bit harsh and I had to bring more furniture with me than I originally intended, so I decided to go with the truck.

The view from the truck upon arriving in Seoul.

The view from the truck upon arriving in Seoul.

When you order a truck you have to specify if you want to just hire the driver or if you want help moving everything. I chose the driver only option because it was cheaper. I specifically sold all my big furniture, so I could move everything on my own. The driver was super nice and helped me carry one table upstairs that I couldn’t carry by myself.

After unloading everything off the truck and sprawling it all over the entrance way to my apartment, I spent 15~20 trips up and down the stairs, carrying each item up to my room. It took a little while, but I’m glad I was able to do it all on my own. #independent


2 thoughts on “Move In Day- Take 2

  1. mdb_pjp says:

    Great job!

  2. meesookw says:

    Salgu !
    You made another step ^^
    I have not done this much moving all
    by myself.
    Take it easy you have plenty of time!

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