One Wish

My dreams are a magic lamp. God/ Intuition/ The Universe is the genie.

Every night I get one wish.

Only one.

Each night just before I drift off to sleep, I have the chance to ask exactly one “dream question.” In my dream the question is usually answered, but the next day I have to do a little bit of decoding to interpret the right meaning. If I’m too tired to ask, or I’m too tired to remember the answer in the morning, I blow my wish for that night.

Sometimes my wish isn’t granted. Then it takes 3 or 4 or 5 wishes to figure out the one wish I’m gonna get. The wishes seem to work best when I’m not on a deadline.

This week I’m on a deadline.

I have two wishes left.

I hope I’m ready to receive the answer.


2 thoughts on “One Wish

  1. meesookw says:

    I have a wish that I pray every night !
    I have learned finally my time is not
    same as God’s.
    My wish is now to be patient and to be
    I will pray for your wish will be granted soon!
    Love you 살구,

  2. Salgu says:

    Thanks, Mom!

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