Unfollow Me

Next month’s Year of Quitting item is Facebook. Starting September 1st I’m quitting Facebook. I’m going cold turkey. I’m closing my account. And I don’t know when I’m opening it again.

According to the Year of Quitting rules, I only need to quit it for the month of September. But most of the things I’ve quit so far, I’ve kept up after the month was over. I kind of like the idea of being free from Facebook for awhile.

I may re-join someday. I may not. Who knows? But for my cave year, I think it’s best to cut it out completely.

I’ve been trying to detach myself from being addicted to Facebook for the last several months. I haven’t quite succeeded yet. Every time I try, I realize just how addicted I am.

Each month I would slowly ease myself off of it a little more. I started by deleting the app and messenger app from my phone. Then I didn’t check it on my phone. Then I didn’t check it at work. Then I tried installing the WasteNoTime Safari plugin to limit the hours I spent on it at home.

But I realized I’d still spend hours scrolling through my newsfeed and clicking links. And I’d stay up late. This was a problem that needed to be solved.

I finally came up with a solution. I ran it by my good friend K, and she admitted she’d had the same idea. So with her affirmation, I did it.  I unfollowed everyone.

I confess, I have unfollowed even you. If you are my brother, my best friend, that person I sat next to once in a class in college, you are all equally unfollowed. I didn’t unfollow you because I don’t love you, or because I don’t want to be your friend.

I unfollowed you because I love myself and this is what I needed. I needed some space. I needed some space from all your updates, and pictures, and links that you shared.

I didn’t unfriend you. I can still message you to say hi, and I can still stalk your homepage and see what you are up to. But the idea was that takes more effort than scrolling through my newsfeed, and hopefully, most of the time, it would be more effort than I wanted to put in. I hope you understand.

So now I’m taking the plunge. I’m pulling the chord on Facebook.

Don’t worry, you can still reach me by phone or email. And if you are curious to see what I’m up to, you are invited to stalk this blog.

Or don’t.

I invite you to unfollow me, too.


2 thoughts on “Unfollow Me

  1. trvpor says:

    I applaud your determination, and I love your post.

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